This website tells Black Women the Truth. Simple!

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We tell black women the truth about their situation with:

  • Black men
  • Black Relationships (‘black love’ if you like)
  • The Black Community
  • The Black Church
  • White Society (has a look in, but we tend to have an abundance of knowledge here! )
  • Etc etc

See ‘Quotes’ for more snippets

We are Black Women Empowernment Writers (BWE) and IR Bloggers. For more on who we are and what we hope to achieve, please visit FAQ

Are you new to our work?

Then let us help you find your way around!

Using these web pages, you will be able to click through to sites of interest (where appropriate, a short synopsis below each link or title will give an idea of the focus and content).

You can also search through some of the older posts and articles that define what we think about key issues affecting black women, and thus get a better picture of what our work is all about.

Isn’t it evident that black men are uninterested in coming together with black women. Why then are black women still waiting!

Other Sections of this website

Unfortunately black women are being misdirected and mislead over the real state of affairs confronting them on the whole.

If you have at times sensed that people are not ‘levelling’ with you over what the real situation is for black women, then it is a good idea to find out the truth!

Ready to do that? Start by visiting other sections of this website:


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Other important pages you might like to visit before you get stuck in are here below (we must warn you they are quite long-reads).

How to get the Best from the BWE work

Halima’s Summary of How to get the Best of BWE

How BWE differs from other Black Woman Centred work

So use the website the way you choose, for instance going through our links or the different Tabs, the choice is yours.

Be Empowered!